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Restoration is both time consuming and expensive. However, the result is well worth it!

Here at Powers Smash Repairs, we have completed several full and partial restorations over the years. One of the first restorations we tackled was a 1923 Willys Overland.  The customer, John, had done most of the internal and mechanical restorations.

The car came to us in pieces, so we could repair and paint it, then return for re-assembly. John was so pleased with the finished product, we did a second Willys for him.

One of the restorations we are most proud of is Ben’s 64 Buick Riviera.  In 2008 Ben travelled to the United States to collect the vehicle and import it back to Australia. Then the work started!  Surprisingly the car was in pretty good condition


While mechanically sound, the original paintwork needed some serious attention. During the course of the restoration, these are just a few of the many changes that were made:

  • Shaved handles
  • Big wheels
  • Front end disc brake conversion
  • Customised grill installed

Our brief centred around the bodywork. We stripped it back to bare metal, epoxy primed it, did the repairs, and then painted it to a show car finish.

Do you recognise the car? it features on our website and business cards.

We are fortunate here at Powers Smash Repairs to have a resident restoration specialist, Paul.  Paul is always working on an exciting project. Paul has been doing restoration work for 30 years and says he feels a sense of achievement bringing something old back to life.

However, the job is not without its challenges. Parts can be scarce or non-existent, and in some cases, they must be fabricated on site.

Combing around your grandfather’s barn looking for an old FJ Holden to fully restore and cruise around at Cooly Rocks On  sounds like a great idea right?

Before you launch into a full restoration, the first thing you should do is take lots of photos of the vehicle you’re interested in. Then bring the photos in to Powers Smash Repairs for an expert to give you some idea of the cost of your restoration project.

We always have a restoration project underway here at Powers Smash Repairs.  If you are a car enthusiast and have considered a restoration, call in and have a chat to Greg.

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11 November 2022

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