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Powers Smash Repairs has been looking after car owners in Toowoomba for 38 years. Whether you require traditional panel beating or painting services, insurance work to help you get on the road faster, or even a full restoration for your vintage car, we can help you! We love the challenge of repairing all makes and models of vehicles no matter how old or new. Our fully experienced team is passionate about offering one on one, old fashioned customer service and delivering top quality results every time.

Our favourite part! Being in the motor trade industry all his life, Greg and our team are extremely passionate about restoring cars and making them beautiful. See more on our restorations on our Restorations page.



Life can be difficult without a vehicle to get you from A to B, especially after you've just had a prang on the road. At Powers Smash Repairs, it's safety and convenience first. Not only do we have towing services available, but we can also offer you a rental car service while yours is getting fixed. Too simple! Ask us in store for details.



It's a fact that cars are usually the second most expensive thing that we own after our homes. So it pays to look after them! At Powers Smash Repairs, we can paint and polish your car to get it looking like new and protect it against ultra violet rays which can cause some real damage to your paint. A polish for your car is like sunscreen for your skin, so it is well worth contacting us for a quote.


Keep in mind that it's not just cars that we can perform a high quality 2-Pac paint job on - any projects including doors, kitchens, fire trucks and even coffins are part of our portfolio! If you can imagine it, we'll paint it.



If you've been told to get in line for your insurance company's recommended repairer, DON'T WAIT! Here's what you need to do if you have a prang...

1. Give Greg a call and get a quote
2. Let your insurance company know
3. Get your car sorted and back on the road!

Our old fashioned, personalised service means we're easy to understand. All jobs will be explained in detail and you'll be updated throughout the process - which means no nasty surprises when you get the bill!



ABN: 85 125 602 333 |  424-428 Anzac Avenue Drayton Qld 4350
P. (07) 4639 1141 E. admin@powerssmashrepairs.com.au

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