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We have owned Powers Smash Repairs for the last 15 years and during that time, we've been asked to take on a lot of interesting jobs. Everything from painting kitchen cupboard doors in 2 pac, blanket boxes in clear coating, motorcycle fuel tanks and push bike frames. But in July this year our good friends at Prographics in Withcott asked us to partner with them in preparing a vehicle for a vinyl wrap.

The vehicle came to us from Theodore Medical Centre. Theodore is a small rural town situated northwest of Toowoomba and has a population of less than 500. 

When the vehicle arrived at our workshop the paint was sun effected with the clear coat peeling off. The only way to get the paint in good condition was to do a mini respray. There were a few dents we also repaired before we did the paintwork. This was to ensure that the surface was straight and in good condition before the wrap was applied. Curing time for the respray was between 7 – 14 days. After this time we could hand the vehicle to Dallas and his team to complete the wrap.

Theodore local Indigenous artist, Wayne Martin, whose tribe is Mardigan, created the artwork which was converted into the vinyl wrap. Wayne’s wife Dani told me that the artwork represented a number of things:

  • The Theodore Medical Centre helping patients from surrounding communities improve their health and wellbeing.
  • The connections that our health staff have with the community.
  • The allied health services that visit our centre to help keep our community healthy.
  • Connection to, and acknowledgement of, the country we all work and live on.


Powers Smash Repairs is grateful to Dallas and his team at Prographics for the opportunity to participate in this creative process. Although we had never undertaken a job like this before, we were able to draw on many years of industry experience to give the customer the best finished product.

BTW: The customer was thrilled with the final outcome!

Original artwork by Wayne Martin

Theodore Medical Centre
30 August 2022

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